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The Gears of War BETA Forums are live:

Started by ERL0 in General Discussion. Last reply by s1d23 (sid) on Friday. 3 Replies

Just letting you know that Black Tusk studio's have the beta forum up and running at the moment and you can log in via your Microsoft account. The address is …Read More

Just a Heads-Up. Don't get involved with these guys.

Started by The Gory Saint in General Discussion. Last reply by x50 Spence Apr 16. 1 Reply

Hi guys, passing by to give some warning.While we know some people on the gaming communityare really supportive and give a lot to it,there are also a lot of people who just care about themselvesand…Read More

Tags: Community, GoW

Introduce Yourself

Started by x50 Spence in General Discussion. Last reply by Rob Apr 11. 43 Replies

I think it is about time we introduced ourselves on the site and make use of the forums on here, as conversation is often not free flowing. It would be good to get to know some of the people behind…Read More

Insane Horde waves 1 - 50

Started by Dave in General Discussion. Last reply by The Gory Saint Apr 1. 10 Replies

Hi everyone- I still need the insane horde medal and the long hauler (50 waves) ribbon so thought I'd kill 2 birds with one stone and do them together this Sunday. Ill be online about 20:00 UK time…Read More

Tags: insane, ribbons, achievements, horde, 3

War Journal Entries

I found an old Brisk Weapon Pack code and its now on Ebay!

Posted by x50 Spence on April 19, 2014 at 16:07 3 Comments

Lucky me i have managed to find a Brisk Skin pack code for Gears of War Judgment! The code was in my girlfriends inbox. I completely forgot that i had asked her to message Brisk to get a code from them when they were giving them away!

So if anyone wants to complete their skin set on Gears Judgment or just get hold of this ultra rare skin set then see the item…

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Join the Black Tusk Gears of War forums now!

Posted by warchamp360Z on April 18, 2014 at 1:00 0 Comments

So I was chilling on the bed a bit ago and I was watching a youtube Video and the video was about The new Gears of War Forums by Black Tusk Studios. Its still in beta mode but know is the time for all you Gear heads out there and for those who love portal to make a account on the forums and sign up. There are a lot of people already signed up onto the forums know is the time when its still fresh to Promote this amazing website and to get as many of the Gears Community as we can onto this…

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Do we need an Xbox One when games are still being released on the 360?

Posted by x50 Spence on April 16, 2014 at 16:30 3 Comments

I have been pondering getting an Xbox One and i was almost about to depart with money to buy one as one of my favourite series was coming to it. The Trials series, and the latest edition which is Trials Fusion i thought was exclusive to Xbox One.

I thought up until a few days ago that I would be having to buy an Xbox One to play this awesome and competitive game, but i have recently found out that it is also on Xbox 360 and PS4, PS3 and PC. I think it is also out on mobile…

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I just got reset!!!!

Posted by PedRoGoDBeR on April 12, 2014 at 17:55 9 Comments

Put on gears 2 this afternoon to finish of 2.0 as i had 95,000 kills, to find my multiplayer rank at 1 then it kept crashing when loading up campaign act 5 chapter 5. switched off xbox re loaded gears 2 now it wont even go past the microsoft studios logo before i hit a blank screen. if i sign out and use another profile it works fine so i know its not a disc or console problem. just my gamertag?

Anyone else had this? checked forums and it is a rare glitch which epic never…

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An insight into the future

Posted by x50 Spence on April 11, 2014 at 15:28 1 Comment

Thankyou so much for showing interest in this blog post, i'll cut right to the point.

I am keen on reducing my ongoing costs and this platform i feel has reached a point where it is no longer worth the money to keep it going. However i am keen to keep our mini community together. Its quite fair to say that we are a small community. Although we have 1,800 members registered…

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Community Night 13/4/14

Posted by ERL0 on April 5, 2014 at 21:00 8 Comments

Right members this is for you and its time to decide. Firstly the live stream will I stream it on Youtube or Twitch? Second:Game modes and game What shall we start of with what Gears game and which mode.

The game modes might depend on numbers so am asking all members…

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remembering the first time playing judgement with a feeling of dread

Posted by stritertezz on March 30, 2014 at 6:39 1 Comment

honestly when i first got the game i was like a little lad at xmas and i got it loaded up i was so excited i thought i was gonna follow through lol.... however the first thing i did was look at multiplayer and i swear i thought i was gonna break down with depression when i first saw it SINGLE LOADOUT i knew at that very moment that i wasnt gonna like what came next and the rest is history

A Retrospective Look at Gears of War Judgment

Posted by h00ded0ne on March 26, 2014 at 22:29 5 Comments

Gears of War Judgment was the game Gears fans didn't see coming.  Epic Games had already produced three triple-A titles in the Gears of War franchise as an Xbox 360 exclusive.  Together with its big brother, the Halo series, Gears of War helped secure console sales for the Xbox 360…

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Does it ever really go ?

Posted by warchamp360Z on March 23, 2014 at 11:42 1 Comment

Lately I have been very busy and couldn't play any games on the Xbox for almost 2 weeks 

know today I'm going online and play gears of war 3 KOTH have I lost it. Usually in the past when I went on holiday and came back on some gears I was really rusty I could barley Move quickly and my wallbounce where so bad.

Here's my question every time i do get of Gears for a while I lose it but it always comes back so my question is is it the same case for you ?



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Lets get the portal Noticed!

Posted by ERL0 on March 21, 2014 at 18:48 0 Comments

Right all members on twitter Facebook or any other social networking site lets get noticed please tweet or message Gears of War forums Black Tusk Studio's even Rod Ferguson. Personally I only use twitter so here are some twitter accounts to tweet to about the portal.

So lets get the place rocking you never know we might get a teaser if we ask enough.…

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