A Summary of the new changes on Gears of War Judgment and a look at the new Control System.

Here is the article in the latest Official Xbox Magazine all about Gears of War: Judgment

Gears Of War Judgement Article Sep 2012 Pdf format

In the article it mentions about the storyline of the latest Gears of War game in the series. The events of the campaign will take place 2 weeks after E-day and how LT Baird and Kilo squad are arrested for there actions after E-day. The members of Kilo squad are as follows Lt Baird, Augustus Cole (Cole train), Sofia Hendricks and Garron Paduk. The locust Emerged during a Celebration so in the game you will see banners etc to do with that celebration. 

In the campaign you earn Valor points earned for every kill and assist. as they accumalate you can spend them to make tha campaing easier or harder. Optional items appear in the world in glittering blue and can be purchased for use immediatly they can be anything from ammo to vulcan cannons, scorchers, turrets etc. meanwhile if you see a Crimson Omen on a wall you can spend valor points on playing a declassified version of the mission. 

The next part of the article explains more about the new Free For All gameplay. It also explains the new control system in the game as some of the button have been changed. For example the changes stated in the article are:

Left Bumper now automatically throws a grenade instead of the tac com. they unleash a fraction of a second after you press the button and also have a adhesive quality to them so you can now throw and stick them to things (or people).

The D-Pad is now used for Tac Com instead of weapon selection. 

The Y button is now being used for the universal weapon switching system so you know have to press y to switch weapons around.

There is now ammo spawn points on the maps for the weapons due to ammo being a limited resource. 

The way you spawn has now been changed to only have a 2 second spawn protection and a randomized spawning system.

Another change that has been made is there is no longer a post-take-down bleed out.

We now come onto one of the new maps that will be playable in judgement Gondola. Quoting from the magazine

"An East European brick town built onto a hill, it's heavilly knotted path with lots of corners. Climbing to the top of the map where a boomshot awaits involves plenty of bling turns and paranoia. But thanks to the new system getting down is a lot simpler. The main feature of the map is the Gondola itself. a mobile platform with spawn points for grenades and a powerfull weapon. It's a great position from which to rain down sticky grenade death, like a peevish god in a cable car. but it;s also a prone position - apart from the platform under your feat, the gondola doesn't offer you any cover"

There is also a new reticule system even when you not holding down the left trigger it will be there. making the left trigger almost redundent on anything but long range weapons

there is another map called library confirmed a more open space littered with bookshelves for cover , secret room and 2 sniper spots.

We now come onto Overrun 

Quoting from the magazine

"All cog classess and all Horde types have ample room to level up in Overrun. At this point in the game's development, Epic isn't talking about the unlockables of the effects of progress - however, we do know that there is a new system of decals and skins that aren't just limited to weapons. You are now able to customise your character, and your fashion style will persist though all of the other modes -even into the single player campaign. It's a confident guess that certain kinds of desirable armour will be tied into a range of pre-order incentives and add-on DLC. It's equally certain that a year later, Yahoo! answers will be full of people asking "where can i get gold helmets?", After playing as COGS, it's your turn to swap sides. The Horde team is a pared-back experiance to Gears 3's Beast Mode. There are 8 units spread across two tiers (beast mode has 15 spread across four tiers). The first tier contains dashing Tickers, howling Wretches, the healing Kantus and the attack-beast Grenadier. This is the free tier - you can swap every time you spawn. The second tier requires you to earn points - as we played it there was a flat rate, but in the final version of the game each tier 2 beast will cost a different amount."

Tier 2 on the overun mode contains Mauler, Corpser, Serapede, Bloodmount

In my opinion from reading the article and getting to absorb all the information and changes it feels like it may take some getting used to the controls agfain but when you have that mastered all the new features in this game with make it even more Epic and Awesome. I have personally pre-ordered this already and will be getting it day of release!

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Comment by Nobodii Miyamoto on December 8, 2012 at 2:18


Comment by v Lancers Up v on December 4, 2012 at 16:01

wow, could this game be anymore casual? looks like i,ll be changing franchises.

Comment by ERL0 on October 3, 2012 at 22:11
Comment by X DsD x AdI0 X on September 17, 2012 at 19:39
it is similar to halo but it is about time we got sticky but also the new sniper will be fun
Comment by h00ded0ne on September 17, 2012 at 18:48

Sticky grenades......Halo anyone?

Comment by x50 Spence on September 17, 2012 at 13:39

yeh he looks younger, but he seems to not have the same characteristic face. He almost looks about 19 years old or something.

Comment by The Gory Saint on September 17, 2012 at 12:52

This makes me want the game even more, but I still think that Cole looks a little weird.

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